Friday, November 25, 2011

Launches and Losses

Nearly forgot about my post for today but its 9:53 pm and its still Nov 25 so on with NaBloPoMo.  I went to the satellite launch today at Space Systems Loral.  It was fun but I have to admit I was disappointed that they did not have a t-shirt in my size.  After most launches, SSL and the customer who ordered the satellite usually make a t-shirt and give it away to those that attend the launch.    Today there were no t-shirts in my size.  Instead I ended up picking up an Asiasat7/SSL coffee mug.  It has a picture of Hong Kong (where the Asiasat company is located) on the mug with SSL and Asiasat logos in the corners of the picture.  I guess you can tell one of the things I like about launches is the free gifts!

The launch itself went well but as usual it was standing room only in the cafeteria and I was shifting about to try and get a view of the screen.  I managed to get on my toes and see the liftoff pretty clearly.   As it lifted off we all cheered and then watched for maybe a minute and then many of us rushed for the swag line so we could get good stuff.  I'll have to check the web site tomorrow a.m. to see if the satellite has started its maneuvers to get in the proper orbit and get all set up.   Its probably a week or so till you know the satellite is set up how it should be and working properly.

I got in some exercise today by walking to and from work for the launch.  Its 1.6 miles to the cafeteria at work from my condo door.   It took me about 35 minutes to make the walk.  I was most surprised with how sweaty I got.  I wore a sweatshirt and a heavy rain jacket.  About half way there I removed the rain jacket.  I never needed it.  I would have been fine with just the sweatshirt.  Oh well.  Does being sweaty burn more calories?  On the way home I carried the coffee mug and poster and jacket all the way home.  I should have brought my backpack with me so I could put everything inside it and not have to have everything in my arms!  It was a pleasant walk home.  I spend the afternoon relaxing and in the late afternoon decided to bake some more chocolate chip cookies.

I took a small bag of the freshly baked cookies with me to eat while I watched the Stanford vs Cal women's volleyball match.  The first three sets were really tight.  Stanford took the first one.  Then Cal won the second.  There was a half time break.  Then Cal came out and squeaked out the third set.  Then the wind fell out of Stanford's sails and they just couldn't get it together for the fourth set and Cal won it easily.  So the final score was 3 sets to 1 with Cal winning.  This was the last regular season game of the season.  The first week of December the volleyball national championship tournament starts.  Stanford has a very good chance of making it into the tournament.  This Sunday, the brackets for the tournament will be announced.  Stanford will probably host a first and second round at their home court and I plan to buy tickets to see the games.

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