Wednesday, February 19, 2003

The shakes happily went away fairly quickly yesterday after the granola bar and a cup of hot coffee.

I tracked down my new toy, the GPS, yesterday. Turns out the online company I bought the GPS from neglected to put my name on the package. So my GPS was sitting there last Friday in F's office as he pondered how to figure out who it was for. It was addressed to the general branch mail stop but there are about 20 people who use this mail stop and so a name is needed to get the mail in the right box. I had a feeling something weird like that had happened so I found F yesterday and asked him if a package had arrived for me with a GPS in it. He was relieved to have figured out who the package was for and I was happy to get my new toy. I might send an email to the online company telling them it is always helpful to include the person's name on the package.

I'm feeling grumpy and unlovable today. None of this PMS stuff for me. I suffer from CMS, current menstral syndrome! I have the usual very mild back cramps going on and I'm just feeling plain out of sorts. Mutter, mutter, mutter, grumble, grumble, grumble, etc. etc.

We have new mailboxes at our condo complex. The mail man hasn't started to use them yet so we have to make our way to the old mail boxes that are leaned up against the wall of the dumpster area. Yesterday they passed out the keys to the new box but said not to use them until instructed to do so. I like the new boxes as they are bigger and they have a community mail box where the mail carrier can put a big package for you and put the key to the community box in your box so you can fetch it. I wonder if UPS can use this box too. My box number has changed but my address will remain the same. The mailman will know which box corresponds to which unit.

Tonight I'm borrowing the shop vac from B. That is if the rain doesn't nix the plan. I'm hoping the rain goes away by the time I get home so I can try vacumming the dryer vent.