Monday, November 21, 2005

184 lbs
Eee Gad ... 5 pounds gained in one weekend! :-( :-( :-(

Possible explanations:
  • I ate a lot this past weekend -- more than four mile hikes on Saturday and Sunday could burn.
  • The time of the month has me gaining water weight -- seems a bit early though at 10 days till my period and 5 pounds seems a bit excessive for a little water weight gain.
  • The weight machine was recalibrated over the weekend -- my favorite explanation but I doubt its true.
  • I weighed myself after lunch in the afternoon rather than in the morning before lunch -- but I don't think that could account for 5 pounds.

Needless to say ... I'm quite disappointed in this weight gain. Now I weigh more than when I started to try and lose weight ... Grrrrr. I'm exercising regularly. I just have to stop eating so much calorie filled junk food.