Friday, February 28, 2003

Yay! I have been resolved of fault for the time sheet snafu of last month! My boss says ...

"Just for clarification, Cathy did post her hours on time as she does every week. The problem occurred when the Raytheon timekeeping system became unavailable while I was approving timesheets -- I was able to approve 3/4 of the timesheets, and I was not able to logon to approve the remainder although I stayed several hours that day attempting to logon. I notified HR so that the staff would be paid."

I am sorely tempted to stick my tongue out at the fellow who scolded me and say "nah nah nah ... you were wrong" but that wouldn't be very professional now would it? It would be appropriate if he would send me a little note of apology for jumping on me like that yesterday. Grrr. I think my bosses little note above is the most I will get in that respect.

I just finished writing the February monthly. Now I get the nice long month of March to relax and keep plugging away at my work before I have to do the next monthly.

I can't decide if I want to go to the rock climbing gym tonight for OAW's Pacific Edge climbing night. I want to climb and hang out with folks but I don't really want to drive to Santa Cruz. I'll probably pass on it unless I get a sudden burst of driving energy around 5:00 p.m. I'm going to try and make it to the GLS Castle Rock hike tomorrow that Wen and Andria are leading. I'm going to drive myself right to the park instead of car pooling so I have the freedom to go out with folks after the hike instead of having to return to the car pool lot. I was disappointed last Sunday that I was stuck in a car with a woman who wanted to leave right after the hike and that I missed hanging out at the park a little more and then joining folks for pizza and hot tubbing later. Shot!

I'm trying to arrange to go see my niece, Eva, in a gymnastics meet on Sunday. I still need directions to the gym in San Rafael and confirmation that the meet is really happening.