Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Wen tagged me - Fivers

OK ... Wen tagged me to give this a shot ... I'm game.

1. Five favorite days of the year

  1. Christmas
  2. Thanksgiving
  3. My birthday
  4. Labor day - because that usually means a camping trip!
  5. Memorial day - again sometimes means a camping trip!

2. Five things you watched this week

  1. The Soprano's season 3 on DVD
  2. Export Control training (truly boring)
  3. The Yoga instructor, Lisa, at California Yoga in Mtn. View
  4. The latest Harry Potter movie
  5. DVD about ants and termites (more interesting than it sounds)

3. Five things you don't want to do, but should

  1. Eat more fruits and vegetables
  2. Desist eating McDonalds french fries
  3. Revaluate my investment choices in my 401K
  4. Read preliminary design documents
  5. Get my toe fungus checked out by a doctor

4. Five things you want to learn

  1. JAVA
  2. Yoga
  3. How to play the piano
  4. How satellites work
  5. How to put the brakes on while going backwards on roller blades

5. Five animals you've had as pets or who have impacted you

  1. Georgie Girl and Timothy, two family cats we had while growing up in Columbus, OH
  2. Barney, my first pet I was responsible for, sadly I did a less than perfect job and Barney escaped, got in the furnace duct some how and died.
  3. Sappho & Sascha, two python snakes that my partner had when I met her.
  4. Kalamozoo, and Punzel, my brother's cats that I loved to visit and cuddle with
  5. Cosmo & Astro, our dogs that impact our lives everyday

6. Five favorite pieces of clothing

  1. Aslo Hiking boots
  2. New 40-50 SPF sunproof long sleeve shirts
  3. Stanford Blood bank t-shirt
  4. Brown shorts with lots of pockets
  5. Blue REI fleece vest

7. Five things you enjoy in the summer

  1. the longer amounts of day light
  2. warm sunny weather
  3. vacations
  4. hiking
  5. camping

8. Five foods you don't like

  1. beans
  2. jalepeno peppers
  3. humus
  4. mushrooms
  5. lentils

9. You are given $50,000 to pass out to 5 people in $10,000 cash gifts. Who do you give it to, and why

  1. Charlotte, my sweetie, so she can increase her cash reserves.
  2. David, my brother, so he and his wife can decrease their debt or start saving for my nephews' education
  3. Bob, my brother, to help cover the cost of my nieces' education
  4. Cecily, my sister, to help cover the cost of my nieces' education
  5. My parents, just to thank them for all the financial support they have given me over my life.
10. Five things that are not where they belong
  1. The key to my safety deposit box
  2. My passport
  3. At the moment my eye glasses (they are not on my face)
  4. A stack of papers on my desk at home
  5. Perhaps my dog, Cosmo (he has a knack at going where he does not belong
Five, Ten or Fifteen People you want to complete this:

  1. no one
  2. no one
  3. no one
  4. no one
  5. no one