Tuesday, May 20, 2003

I had a fun weekend but was slammed with a cold yesterday. I woke up with an ultra sore throat and a bad sinus headache. I stayed home from work all day and took aspirin, decongestion medicine, drank oodles of fluids, and took many cat naps. Today, thank goodness, the sore throat is gone and the sinus headache is gone. I feel much better. I have a mild cough and a mildly stuffy nose today but felt well enough to make it in to work.

I went on a couple of hikes on the weekend. On Saturday I was at Fall Creek where I did a 10 mile hike. We took a wrong turn at a trail junction and ended up having to bushwack through the woods and cross a stream to find an official trail. It was fun once we assured ourselves we knew where we were and how to get out of this mess! The one thing we wanted to avoid was backtracking to that junction as it would have been 1.5 miles up a steep trail. No one wanted to go up the hill we just came down!

Saturday night I went to a Gay and Lesbian Sierra club hike leader party in Santa Cruz. It was a good party. Many silly pictures were taken with Wen's digital camera. If any turn out good hopefully Wen will send them to me.

Sunday I scouted a hike with Linda. We hiked from San Pedro County Park to Montara mountain. It was a gorgeous day. I have pictures which I'll post later today. The wild flowers are still impressive and it was so clear. The sunshine sparkled off of the Pacific ocean. We had many wonderful views of the ocean. We also saw many rabbits. They were very cute little bunnies too not the bigger hares I have seen elsewhere in the bay area. Linda found one wild strawberry to eat, but there were no more so I didn't get a wild strawberry.

After the hike we stopped at Baskin Robbins. I got a chocolate milk shake while Linda got a Peach smoothie. I loved my shake while Linda was disappointed in the smoothie. She wanted a smoothie with chunks of peach in it and this one was mostly artificial peach taste -- no real peaches to be found. I had a taste of her smoothie and I liked it but I hope she hasn't caught my cold now. She is off to Greece today. I'm taking her to the airport in about one and a half hours. She'll be gone for 10 day or so. I'll miss my last minute hiking friend. Linda is great about be willing to go hiking at a moment's notice. Oh well. While she is gone I'm leading a four day backpack trip so I'll get plenty of hiking in!!