Friday, April 12, 2002

Tomorrow is the big Henry Coe hike with J. 17 miles and some fun elevation gain to get to Mt. Sizer and some wet hiking on a cross country route through a stream. Should be fun but I just know I'm going to be totally exhausted tomorrow after the hike. My cut on my heel has healed nicely so it should not be a problem at all tomorrow. I got myself two different new Odwalla juices that they refer to as sports drinks. They have those good electrolytes to help me stay hydrated on the hike. I'll also be carrying 3 quarts of water and will try and drink it all. I do need to get up a little earlier so I can stop at Safeway to get a sandwich for lunch. I forgot to buy bread at the grocery store this week.

Saturday night and Sunday is set aside for recovering from the hike and getting some chores done. I need to look at my finances, clean the house for Mom and Dad's visit next weekend, do some laundry probably, and some weeding in my wee little garden (all of 5 plants). I hope I have enough energy for all that.

I need to figure out why my checkbook register is not agreeing with my Quicken register. I want to examine if I have enough money to buy a new lap top computer. I'm hoping to get a fairly good lap top, a combination printer/scanner/fax machine, and some way to make it easy to hook the laptop up to the internet at home. The folks at work have recommended a Dell because the computer is fairly nice and the service is excellent. I do like the look of Dell's catalog. Also I have discovered a freeware program called CIGWYN which emulates UNIX on a PC so I can download g++ software and do coding on the computer if I so desire! So its not quite so important to me anymore to get a laptop on which I can install Linux. OK ... enough techy talk.

I had a good time at the end of work today trying to help K. figure out why the program I wrote for her was not working. She is fun to talk to and we got to chat while we were waiting for the silly program to crash after each test of my debugging. She kept getting calls from her husband who was asking for advice on how to handle the kids. She kept rolling her eyes at me while she coached him. I finally figured out the problem and was surprised to see that I had stayed a half hour past the time I get off and hadn't even noticed. I love work like that where I get so involved that time flies.