Monday, September 08, 2003

I led a hike on Saturday to San Bruno Mtn. Park south of San Francisco. The hike started off overcast but the clouds burned off as the hike progressed so we finished up the hike with a blue sky and sunshine. We had many nice views of San Francisco from the park. We had a nice view of the bay bridge, the airport, a glimpse of the tops of the golden gate bridge, Candle Stick park, Mt. Diablo, Mt. Tam, Montara Mtn, the downtown buildings, and the Pacific Ocean. Only 3 of us did the hike but we had a good time talking and hiking together.

Sunday I slept in (ahhhhhh) and went to a barbecue in the afternoon with CCC. We left the barbecue early to head to my house to watch a DVD. I just got a new DVD player. We watched Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. It was my second time watching the movie. I have my own DVD of it that I got when I bought my new computer a year and a half ago. I had watched it once on my computer. It was nicer to watch it on the bigger TV screen and with CCC.

On Friday and Saturday night we went to watch Stanford women's volleyball matches. Stanford beat University of San Diego on Friday night but lost to University of Florida (the Gators) on Saturday night.

Thursday, September 04, 2003

My DVD player arrived but I was lacking the correct devices to hook it up. I have an "old" TV that does not have the proper outlets for the DVD cables. I just went internet surfing and bought a device to convert my old single cable outlet to a set of DVD compatible outlets. I will go pick it up at Circuit City this afternoon after getting the proper credit card from home for proof I'm me. I also got the two DVD's I ordered. I got myself the LOR movies. When the third one comes out, I'll buy it too. [LOR = Lord of the Rings]. Nothing is quite so frustrating as having a new toy and not being able to play with it yet.

Labor day weekend was nice. I got 30 hours of sleep: 10 hours each night.

Saturday CCC and I went to see Finding Nemo before heading to Rodeo to have dinner at one of CCC's good friend's, JJ. Dinner was yummy: roast chicken, asparagus, fresh baked bread, and some good wine. The conversation was somewhat dominated by T, JJ's friend. She had a load to get off her chest and couldn't stop talking about it. We all politely listened but CCC said later that she was disappointed that I didn't get to talk more with JJ. At 10:30 p.m. we said goodbye and headed to the Chabot science center to view Mars with a telescope. We stood in line for the telescope for 15 minutes and only moved about 10 feet. It was very crowded. We decided to bail and head home. We entertained our fellow line standers by describing what we saw when we took our glasses off and looked at Mars. I saw a snow flake. CCC saw a tree.

Sunday I helped CCC clean at her condo. Then she took me to see Matrix Reloaded as a thank you for helping her clean. I liked the special effects in the movie but found the plot just way too confusing.

Monday CCC and I went hiking at Skyline Open Space Preserve. We hiked from the Russian Ridge parking lot, past Alpine Lake, along the ridge, around Horseshoe Lake, and back. Its a beautiful little hike that not a lot of people know about. It was very hot though. We didn't get to the park till 2 p.m. when it was thoroughly baked by the sun. We still had fun despite the heat. We saw oodles of lizards on this hike. We saw some coots at Horseshoe lake.

My therapist has recovered and weekly therapy has resumed for me. I'm almost having to get used to it all over. I got accustomed to not going the last month or so.

Yesterday CCC and I did our usual walk from our neighborhood to Shoreline park. Then we watched the video, Chicago. Oh and CCC and I had dinner at my place. It is sort of nice to sit down and have dinner with someone instead of my usual cook a frozen dinner and then eat it while sitting on the couch watching TV.