Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Spent today figuring out sequence commands at work.  It sounds sort of boring but the main thing was I think I finally understand how the commands work.  Its fun to figure out something although a bit frustrating when the figuring out hasn't really resulted in any specific work getting done.  I have to think of the future when I'll be able to solve and fix the problems more quickly because of the time I spent to understand the commands.  Tomorrow I'll start using my new knowledge to debug the actual problem!!

After work, I went shopping at the drug store to get dental supplies. I have been approaching the end of the plaque rinse, the fluoride rinse, my dental floss, and my toothpaste.  Usually these items run out at different times.  I got two of everything at the drug store.  The grocery store doesn't carry the fluoride rinse my dentist recommends so I visited the neighborhood Walgreen's drug store.  As I was buying the stuff I remarked to the clerk that my teeth would be very clean.  I was hoping she would crack a smile but she didn't.