Friday, July 18, 2003

Dinner on Wednesday night with Wen and Ki was marvelous. We got to soak in Marcia's hot tub after dinner. That was a nice surprise. I ended up not getting the yummy dessert because I got all filled up with my boca burger with grilled onions, skinny fries, and a fruit smoothie. It was the fruit smoothie that topped me off so I didn't feel like dessert. I got to ride in Wen's new used truck. Its nice for a used truck. She got nice new wheels for it too.

CCC is coming on my hike tomorrow and then we are going to go see the movie, Winged Migration probably in Palo Alto at the Aquarius theatre. Although we may go for a late afternoon discount show in Campbell to save some dollars. CCC has seen it already. She said she would enjoy seeing it again though.

I finished filling out the estate value form sent to me by the lawyer I'm going to see about setting up a will (or maybe a trust). I'll call her some time today to arrange for an appointment to talk about it. My possible lawyers name is Linda Silveria. She was a referal from my Raytheon Life Resources benefit. If I like her I'll stick with her but if not I'll try another lawyer. So far I like her from dealing with her on the phone.

I'm going to finish up getting some chores done after work today. I need to go put my birth certificate and passport back in my safety deposit box at Wells Fargo. I had gotten them to prove to Raytheon that I was a U.S. citizen. Then I am going to go get the car washed. Its very dusty from the drive on the dirt road to Butte Lake in Lassen. Yesterday I got the oil changed in my car and the mechanic commented on how dirty my car was and sort of hinted that I should get it cleaned by suggesting I get the gas tank filled up at the Valero gas station and get the free car wash that comes with filling your tank.