Wednesday, July 16, 2003

I'm off to have dinner with Wen and Ki after work at Saturn Cafe. Last time I got together with them was on graduation day, Friday, July 13. Geez, its been almost a month. It should be fun catching up with each other. I think I'll have that yummy chocolate dessert at Saturn.

I have a hike to lead on Saturday for OAW. It will be at Coal Mine Ridge in a Portola Valley Town park. So far two folks have expressed an interest in coming on the hike. Sunday I'm off to a barbecue with CCC. I get to meet some of her kooky family (her description, not mine). One of the best things about this weekend is I get to sleep in both Saturday and Sunday. The hike isn't till 11 a.m. and CCC isn't picking me up till 1:30 p.m. on Sunday for the barbecue. I need a weekend where I can catch up on sleep

The meeting is over. We have action items set up. I'm glad that's done.

In 10 minutes I have to meet with F. at work to find out what work he is doing so I can write it up in the task plan. It will be good to get the chore over with. F. has worked with my brother Bob in the past and Bob says he is a cool guy. I need to get my brain in gear for this.