Sunday, November 27, 2011

Restful Day

I was going to go on a long hike today but I woke up feeling so tired that I decided to just spend the day at home.   I watched the Jets vs Bills game in between falling asleep on the couch!   I managed to be awake for all but one touch down.  I'm presently listening to the Raiders play the Bears.  If I hear excited announcer voices, I turn around and watch the replay!  I'm not usually a big football fan but today I'm enjoying it.

I spent part of the afternoon transforming my dining room table from "where my lap top sits and mail piles up" to a clean table top with a jig saw puzzle spread out on it!   I had to sort through tons of junk mail.  Then I spent some time shredding this junk mail.  I had to take a break to clear jams from my shredder.  I guess I was working it too hard!  With the jam fixed, I shredded the rest of the junk mail and carted the shreds to the recycling bin in my condo complex.  Then I moved my lap top to a small dinner tray right next to the soon to be puzzle table.

I got out my hardest jigsaw puzzle and have spread all the pieces out on the table and I'm in the process of putting together the edges.  I find that doing jigsaw puzzles is very much a solitary pleasure for me.  When I do it with other people I have control issues.  I want them to do the puzzle exactly how I do it.  All the pieces must be spread out before you start putting any together.  Then you do the edges.  Then the middle.  I get frustrated when these procedures are not followed.

I also got the dishes done this afternoon and made myself a nice turkey sandwich with the left over turkey S. so kindly let me take home with me after the dinner last night.  The dinner at S's house was great.  She is an excellent cook and made many delicious dishes.  We also had some high quality wines with dinner and port to finish off the meal!