Monday, March 03, 2003

I'm going to be an Aunt again. Dave and Lila are going to have another baby. The baby is due at the end of July and they already know its a boy. The name of the new baby will start with an "M" but they are not sure yet what it will be. They came up with "M" because they had picked out "Molly" for a girls name and decided they like the combination of an "M" name with the last name "Roberts." Sascha will be a big brother. He'll be 5 years old when "M" is born.

I have two well balanced nieces! On Saturday Marlena won the level 6 balance beam competition at a gymnastics meet. Then at the same meet Eva won the level 8 balance beam competition on Sunday. Eva also came in second in the all around. Woo hoo! YAY for my well balanced nieces!