Monday, June 11, 2007

Month of Interviews

This has been the month of interviews. I had 5 last week. One on Wednesday with Lockheed Martin. One on Wednesday with BAE. One on Thursday with Quark. Three on Friday with Lockheed Martin. Quark is pursuing other candidates or in other words Quark is not interested in me. I don't want the job at BAE and I think the chances are slim they would offer it to me. I was just not a good match for the job. I'm still waiting to hear from Lockheed Martin. I felt good about three of the Lockheed interviews and luke warm about one.

I am also still waiting to here from Loral Space Systems since my interview with them on May 16th. I would really like to work there but the longer I don't hear the more I feel like they won't be making a job offer.

I am very tired of interviewing and job searching. I just fervently hope each day to get a job offer. I worry more and more when I don't get any offers. Sigh.

The diet I had hoped to be in the midst of has rather plateaued. I seem to be hovering around 180 lbs. Oh well at least I'm not 186 anymore. I'm hoping once I get a new job lined up I'll have more time and motivation to do the "diet" right (eat healthy, exercise more, no more I feel bummed junk food snacks).

The camping trip to Kings Canyon in July will be a nice break even though I am the campout leader for Loma Prieta GLS. It will be nice to be out in nature with C., get a break from work, and get a break from the dogs.