Saturday, November 26, 2011

Hiking and Thanksgiving Two

Busy day today so I better get my NaBloPoMo post done early this morning.  I'm going hiking with the Loma Prieta Gay and Lesbian Sierra Club at Alum Rock park.  The park is in southeast San Jose.  We are going to do the Boccardo loop trail and hike on the south and north rim trails.  I believe we are pretty much going to hit most of the trails in the park.  In all its supposed to be an 8 mile hike with roughly 1500 feet of elevation gain.  It will be good to get some exercise and burn of a small portion of my second Thanksgiving dinner after the hike is over.  When the hike is over, I'll scurry home for a hot shower and then drive to south San Jose to a friend's house for a second Thanksgiving dinner.   Hopefully the hike will end as advertised at around 4 p.m.  That gives me just enough time to drive home, shower, and drive to south San Jose.  Dinner is set to start at 6 p.m.

I have a hiked planned tomorrow but so far no one has RSVPed so I may bag it and sleep in and go on a less rigorous solo hike and perhaps go Christmas shopping.  Hopefully the black Friday crowds will have dissipated a bit.  I'm not real keen on shopping but I would like to get it done early this year and have packages in the mail by around Dec 10th.   I thought I might drive to downtown Mountain View and walk up and down Castro street stopping in shops there.  It might be nice to give business to the smaller shops rather than the big mall shops!  I suspect I'll end up in book stores buying books as presents.  Its hard to go wrong with books in my family and we are nearly all avid readers!

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