Monday, November 14, 2011

Snooze City

Its been a rather dull Monday.  The alarm went off at its usual time of 6 a.m. on a work day.  I muttered and moaned about it till 6:20 and finally hauled my butt off the bed.  I had a quick breakfast and got to work at 7 am.  I spent the day studying how code works.  Its a rather tedious chore but one that I need to get done.  I'm supposed to update the code so its important I understand how it works.  Its much more fun for me to design code and write code than to figure out how someone else's code works.  Although there is a sense of accomplishment once I do understand the code and successfully update it.  I think I have a couple more days of work before I will feel good delving into the code and making the needed updates.

I'm starting to think about Christmas shopping more seriously.  I have ordered 5 presents so far since mid October.  I'm planning on giving about 15 gifts mostly to my siblings, parents, nieces, and nephews.  We are a book loving family so probably most people will get books from me.  A few years ago we all did a book exchange at Christmas.  We exchanged books we already owned.  It was fun and affordable!  All we had to pay for was postage to get the books to each other!  It was also fun to get a peek into my siblings and parent's book selection and see what they read.  It does take lots of communication and a bit of work from everyone and I think that is why we haven't done it recently.

I'm struggling to keep myself exercising and eating well.  I get home from work and just want to collapse on the couch and read or watch TV.  I don't want to get into my gym cloths and head to the gym.  I know if I can get myself there I'll enjoy it.  I just feel draggy.  I hate to say it but it does feel like a touch of my chronic depression raising its head.  Ug!  I hope I can throw it off and get back to being more healthy.  Depression and exercise do and don't mix well.  They don't mix well in that the depression robs me of my motivation to exercise.  But they do mix well because exercise really helps the depression.