Saturday, November 05, 2011

Random Writing

I'm not sure what to write about today.  I guess I'll just let it flow and see what comes out.  I got to sleep in today.  It was nice.  I initially stirred at 6:45 a.m. and had the wonderful realization as I peered at the clock that I did not have to get up and could just turn over and sleep some more.  I slept about one more hour when biology got me up.  If its light outside, I have not managed the art yet of getting up to go to the bathroom and not waking up.  So once I was up to take care of biology, I was up for the day.

I have spent my morning so far puttering around doing little stuff and watching TV.  I have gathered all the dishes from my dining room table and coffee tables in the living room and put them in the sink.  I have gathered various junk mail and shred it with my trusty shredder.  I folded up the cloths I was drying on the dryer rack ready to be taken upstairs.  I messily sewed a rip in the couch cover.  It is a see and do morning.  I saw something that needed doing and did it.  

I have been watching reality TV this morning.  I watched an episode of Flip This House and now I'm watching an episode of Hoarders.  Unlike other episodes of hoarders these two folks seem to be much cleaner.  They have clutter but no really disgustingly dirty stuff in it.  Well, they haven't really gotten to the bottom of their piles yet so maybe I'll see icky stuff later in the show.

At 1 p.m., I'm off to go see Stanford women's basketball.  They play an exhibition match against Vanguard.  I got to see them play last Wednesday night against UCSD.  That one was a blow out.  They won 106 to 56.  I wonder if this one will be the same or if Vanguard will do better than UCSD.  Stanford has six new freshman on the team this year and it was fun to watch them play on Wednesday.  I also enjoy seeing the upper class women play and see who takes over the leadership position on the team.

After the basketball game, I will get ready for the hike tomorrow.  My hiking buddy and I are going to do some geocaching while on the hike so I need to get the caches loaded into my GPS.  Oh and I need to do laundry tonight.  My hiking trousers are in the washer from last weekend.  I always dump them in the washer after a hike to wash off any poison oak oil I might have rubbed on during the hike.  I'll pack my maps into my backpack and pack a lunch.  Which means I need to go the grocery store as I have no bread for a sandwich.  Plenty to do!