Friday, February 21, 2003

And now I have added a link to a guest book for comments on my clogs. What a productive BLOG day it has been so far.

Ooooo ... LOOK ... I got my clog picture and links back. A small triumph!

Sad start to my Friday today. I was walking to work this morning (good way to get exercise) and two women approached me to ask where was a good place to get help as one of the women had just been beat up by a guy who got off his bike and hit her when she complained about him almost running her over as she was jogging on the bike path. The other woman was helping her out and comforting her and had arrived shortly after the guy took off. I figured the best place to go to report the assault was the security gate at work which was about a 1/2 mile away. The three of us walked to the gate and I left them with the security guard as he phoned the police for them to report it. The woman was not too badly hurt physically and turned down an offer for an ambulance but she was quite shaken up emotionally. I hope they catch the dude that assaulted her! This assault took place on one of my favorite play spots, the bike paths at Shoreline park. I'll have to keep a sharp eye out when I go there now but I'm not going to stop going there.

I finally solved the problem of my broken dryer. I had my neighbor, B, come over with his shop vac Wednesday after work to help me clean out the dryer vent yet another time after the dryer repair man said my dryer was fine and it was a vent problem. Our first attempt did not seem to help. We reversed the shop vac so it blew air and no air was getting through the vent. So B. suggested that we cut the vent cover off to have a look inside and see what the problem was. He popped down to his place to get some metal cutters and off came the vent cover. Peering inside we discovered that the vent had collapsed on itself some how. B. carefully stuck a crow bar in the pipe and uncollapsed it while being carefull not to put a hole in it. Then we got the vac out again and started vacuuming. The vacuum got plugged and we discovered that there were old nut casings behind the collapse. Some critter had been busy in my dryer vent! We pulled out all the nut casings and lint we could with the crow bar and then vacuumed again. Then I hooked up the dryer to the vent and finally a good strong swoosh of air came out of the vent from the dryer. Tonight I'll be attempting to install a new vent cover built to keep the critters out.

I'm feeling better today than I was Wednesday morning. I seem to have recovered my equilibrium and don't fee so bummed anymore. Phew!