Monday, June 06, 2005

If there were a competition for weird sounds your digestion system makes, I think I would be winning now. I'm wondering just what folks around me are thinking of these sounds. Fortunately there are not that many folks around me at the moment. Oh well.

C and I went to Santa Cruz pride yesterday. It was mostly fun but my legs had a reaction to the sun screen lotion and itched like crazy for a while. What finally calmed them down was baking them in the sun. What a relief that was. We watched the parade first. The radical fairies had the best float with a down in the sea theme. There were brightly colored sea horses being carried around by mostly naked men painted various colors (blue, gold, black), a truck with mermaids on it, and a couple of guys running around with umbrellas decorated to look like jelly fish when the umbrella was opened. The SF cheerleaders were fun as usual. I didn't know anyone in the parade but C did. She ran over to say hello. Its always sort of fun to have a parade participant wave at your and run over and say hi.

After the parade we checked out the festival. I only saw one famaliar face at first at the Triangle speakers booth. C and I checked out all the booths and snagged candy from some booths and entered some raffles. We found a spot on the lawn in front of the stage and ate lunch. We watched the cheerleaders on the stage and listened to some proclamations (YAWN!). After getting bored of proclamations we left to head to the movie theatre to see crash. On our way out we ran into R and had a nice chat and then we ran into T and L and walked with them to downtown SC. They were off to eat.

We saw the movie Crash at 2:15 p.m. Its a good movie but a little disturbing. Its sort of about racism. After the movie we went to Saturn Cafe for chocolate madness. We were a bit mad to be thinking we could each eat one. Neither of us finished our madnesses. After our indulgence we headed to Natural Bridges State Park to hang out on the beach. That was nice. We had a very relaxing time just doing the tiny walk from rock to rock on the little beach, playing in the water, digging holes in the sand for our feet so we had a nice chair of sorts, and just watching the boogie boaders, little kids playing in the sand, the kite flyers, and the pelicans. We left at 7 p.m. and had an uneventful drive home.

At home we watched a DVD. We just got netflicks and are having fun watching all sorts of movies. Last night we watched part of a French movie called "Amour de Femme." Tonight we may finish watching it or maybe tomorrow. We got about 2/3 of the way through it before it was time for bed.

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