Monday, May 09, 2005

What a long hard week it was last week. I can't go into the details in this public forum though. Sorry to entice you so. Please send relaxing vibes my way. I'm still coming off all the stress and angst I went through last week.

The visit with my folks went well.
  • Thursday: after a day of work drove to SF, greeting my parents, watched my nieces practice gymnastics followed by dinner at my brother's, drove back to Mtn. View
  • Friday: after a day of work, drove to SF, watched two of my nieces do a dance performance (they were great) followed by dinner out, drove back to Mtn. View
  • Saturday: drove to Carmel, had lunch with Charlotte's parents, hiked at Pt. Lobos, ate dinner out with Charlotte's parents, drove back to Mtn. View with my parents, got them settled in our room, and got some shut eye
  • Sunday: slept in a little, hung out in the a.m. with Mom and Dad, had lunch, drove to SF, visited the gross anatomy lab where A works (yes, I saw some cadavars a.k.a dead people), went on a walk at Golden Gate Park, ate dinner at my brother's, drove back to Mtn. View
  • Monday: got up at 5:45 a.m., took Mom and Dad to the airport, returned home, showered, ate breakfast, and went to work.

Phew! It was fun but exhausting. We did lots of talking and lots of driving and lots of watching. My parents looked pretty tired when I dropped them at the airport on Monday. Now they are happily settling in at Dyers Bay for the summer. They arrived there last Friday.

This weekend was much more relaxing. Charlotte and I went hiking at Point Reyes. We hiked out to Arch Rock. It hike started off in the clouds but it was sunny with blue sky at Arch Rock. We ate lunch on the rock. We saw a couple of gray whales from the rock. It was very exciting. It was a Mom and her baby as best we could tell. Sunday I slept in a bit. Charlotte went off to be with her Mother in Carmel for Mother's day. I called my Mom and had a nice talk with her. Then I spent the day just puttering around and doing chores (laundry, balancing my check book, and backing up my computer files) and enjoying the time by myself to regroup and think about the tough week I had last week.

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wen said...

hi cathy!

sorry to hear you had a tough week...relaxing vibes coming your way!

big hugs!!