Friday, May 09, 2003

Yay. Mom got her computer set up in Canada. So I can send my Mom's day letter via email and it will get there in time!

I found out yesterday (after spending a half hour signing soooo many papers for the loan) that my townhouse was appraised at $328,000. Holy Cow! I bought it for $212,500. Its location scored me some big points. Its near a major freeway. Its near downtown Mountain View. Its near shopping. The home owners association board members would be pleased to hear that the appraiser felt the common grounds were well taken care of. He also measured the square feet of my abode. I knew it was somewhere less than 1000 square feet. He measured it as being 972 square feet.

My loan is due to close next Wednesday. My first payment will be in July. June's was covered in the initial loan set up and charges. As soon as I know what company has my loan I'll arrange for my mortgage to be withdrawn automatically from my bank account.

I'm leading a hike tomorrow for OAW to Sunol. I'm experimenting with a new car pool meeting location. Its the Moffett Park Light Rail station park-n-ride. Yesterday afternoon I drove over to find it and look at it. Its a nice place to meet except for the fact that the directions are a little tricky. We'll see how people do tomorrow in finding it. It is really convenient for me and for the particular park we are car pooling to this week. Its just down 101 about 7.5 miles from my town house.

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