Wednesday, November 16, 2011

My new range arrived today but it doesn't quite fit in its slot and the plug doesn't quite reach the outlet.  So I need to have my handyman come in and fix things up.  I'm asking him to saw off a part of the ledge above the stove so it will fit and cut a whole in the cabinet so the plug can be pulled through it.  The plug right now has to be threaded under the cabinet and then up through a hole in the floor.  It probably could be done but it would have been very tedious and I decided I wanted to make it so it is easier to unplug in the future and bringing the plug directly into the cabinet will be much easier.  If I had appropriate tools I would be tempted to do it myself but I don't have the tools.

Albert, my handyman, will be here tomorrow at 2:30 pm.  So I have to take time off from work again.  Its annoying.  I wish the range had fit in the slot and was all set up.  But ... C'est la vie.  I also expect that Albert might not be able to do the actual work tomorrow.  This is more of a visit to find out what I need and give me an estimate for the work.  So I will have to make due with my toaster oven and my microwave oven for a few more days.  Ug.

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