Sunday, November 13, 2011

My Sunday

I got to sleep in today.  It was nice only I forgot to turn off my alarm from the day before set for 8:30 a.m.  So I woke up briefly at 8:30 and then turned over for some more sleep.  I only slept 15 or 30 minutes more and then got up to go to the bathroom.  I came back to bed and read for an hour or so before getting up for the day.  I'm reading a book about the Race Across America, an ultradistance bike race across America.  Its a fascinating book about the race and what motivates these folks and how much they suffer in this race.   I'm about two thirds done with the book.  I'm sure I'll finish soon as its very gripping.

I got up finally around 10 ish for a late breakfast and a nice cup of coffee.  I popped on the TV to watch something and discovered that the Family Channel was showing Harry Potter movies all day long.  I just finished the last book of the Harry Potter series yesterday and was sort of delighted to get to watch the movies and see how they match with the book.   They are showing 5 movies today.  I set my DVR to tape them.  I watched the end of the first movie and then started in on the second movie until it was time to turn off the TV and go to the Stanford women's basketball game.

The basketball game was fun.  Stanford played Gonzaga.  Gonzaga kept close to Stanford all first half and ended up one point a head at the half.  Whatever Tara said to Stanford during the half time break worked well and Stanford came out and started to dominate Gonzaga.  They won by 12 points in the end I think or maybe more.  It was a fun game to watch.  It is nice when your team wins but not so easily that the game is boring!

After the game I returned home for more Harry Potter.  I finished up watching movie number 2 and now I'm watching the thrid one, Prisoner of Azakaban.  I have movie 4 taped and movie 5 will start in 40 minutes.  I think I will let movie 5 tape too and watch both later this week.

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