Tuesday, November 22, 2011


I have been reading books that I own for the last three months but I finally finished reading the one's I wanted to read and now I'm looking forward to a visit to the library to pick new books out.  I think I will continue my reading of mysteries.  I'll have to log into my library record and see where I left on what authors.  I love to find an author and read all the books they have written. I'll be looking for books by Donna Andrews, Robin Paige, and Stieg Larsson to name a few.  And I'll just be browsing.

I love to be in libraries.  I like the quiet.  I like the huge amount of books on the shelves.  I like the smell of books and the feel of them in my hand.  I just get excited thinking about all the books I haven't read that are just waiting there on the shelves for me to check out.  I fell in love with libraries at first sight.  I remember going to the children's section at the Beechwold library in Columbus, Ohio and then later to the adult section.  I remember being excited to learn how to drive so I could drive myself to the library!  I also liked the library at school and it was my favorite place to go to study during my free periods.

When I got to college I discovered the joy of stacks.  The library was so big you could lose yourself in the many floors of books.  I liked to do my studying in the english literature section.  Although this often backfired on me as I would spend more time reading a British novel than doing my engineering problem sets.  But the stacks were quiet and you could really get away from other people if you went to the stacks.  Sometimes I miss having a huge library.

I love my current library.  I still think of it as the fancy new library but realized that it actually has been more than 10 years since it was redesigned and rebuilt.  I like how open it is to the sunlight in the reading areas and it does have more room than it used to.  It also has lots of computers I can use but I rarely do use them since I have a computer at home!   I volunteer at my library and now I'm signing off this post as I have to delivery books to a home bound patron.  I'll chat with her and then head back to the library to return the books she gives me and to select some books for myself!!

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