Thursday, February 09, 2006

177.0 lbs

Don't you just hate it when the sunny days fall during the week when you are stuck indoors. Grrrr! I hope the sunny weather holds out for my hike on Sunday and for puppy training class on Saturday.

Its my night to cook. I would like cooking better if I could walk in the kitchen and the menu is all planned out with instructions on how to cook it. It is the deciding what to cook that I don't like so much. The actual cooking isn't so bad once I get started. I much prefer washing dishes. I wonder what the ratio would be of folks who woud rather cook than do the dishes vs those who would rather do the dishes than cook.

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wen said...

I will sometimes rather cook, sometimes rather clean up!

One thing I'd say is to get 2 or 3 easy meal cookbooks, sit down with them once a week, and pick out a couple of dishes to cook. Then supplement with prepared food (like frozen stuff) for the nights you really don't have time or energy.

I used to do this for me and Ki and it worked really well. I'd write the day of the week, the name of the food, what I needed to buy to make it and what cookbook/page it was on. Then I took that with me to the store.

When it came home, I posted it on the fridge like a weekly "menu". I didn't always make exactly what was on it, but it meant I had enough food for 5 dinners a week etc. :)