Monday, January 23, 2006

Forgot my shorts today so no playing hamster on the treadmill. Running in jeans just doesn't work for me. Instead I took a forty minute walk along the Coyote Creek trail of which part borders my work parking lot. I decided not to weigh myself today after the walk. So tune in tomorrow for the latest weight.

Is TV bad for your mental health? Charlotte thinks so and a book I'm reading thinks so. The book is "Beating the Blues : New Approaches to Overcoming Dysthymia and Chronic Mild Depression" by Michael E. Thase, Susan S. Lang. But I love to watch TV. Is my love of TV making my mental health worse? Charlotte had me tipping towards trying to wean myself off TV yesterday but I'm not quite convinced yet. I keep remembering how much I enjoyed my TV before Charlotte came into my life and how it didn't feel like it was detrimental to my mental health. I find myself imagining ways to watch TV secretly so Charlotte doesn't know I'm doing it. Why do I feel a need to hide it from Charlotte? Maybe because I'm ashamed of my TV watching. I might wander around the internet and see what other opinions I can find on the affect of TV on mental health.

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wen said...

I've read stuff (a couple years ago) that too much TV viewing can do things to your brain, but hey, so can chocolate and beer and red dye # whatever. :) I personally think that everyone responds differently to it, and for some the entertainment and escape features of it are relaxing and anxiety relieving and therefore it's helpful overall. For other folks it makes them feel tired and drained to watch too much. Kind of like introvert/extrovert...some people charge up by taking alone time, others get their energy back by being with people. No right or wrong about it!