Thursday, January 12, 2006

181.0 lbs
CCC and I have purchased two male Basenji Puppies due to arrive on Feb 1, 2006. Here they are as of January 8, 2006.

We ended up picking this breed based on

  • desire for a dog that doesn't bark a lot - Basenjis don't bark (although they do yodel and whine)
  • desire for a clean dog - Basenjis clean themselves a bit like cats do
  • desire for a short haired dog
  • desire for a unique dog
  • desire for an intelligent dog
  • desire for a dog that isn't too large
  • we liked the pictures of the Basenjis in the books we poured through and on the internet

We got two dogs because there will be times we will be leaving the dogs at home (going to work, hiking at parks that don't allow dogs, etc.) and we didn't want to leave one dog all by his/her lonesome. We picked males because that was what was available from the breeder we choose to purchase them from. The dogs will keep each other company when we have to leave them home alone.

CCC will be roughly 75% reponsible for the dog care and I'm roughly 25% responsible for it -- mostly because I'm off at work 8 hours a day and CCC is home most days and she is the one who really really wanted to have pet dogs and she is more experienced with animal care. She has had many other pets in her life but never a dog.

We have stacks of books from the library about dog care sitting in the living room. CCC is busily reading them and figuring out how to prepare for the arrival of our new family members. I haven't started reading any yet but will soon. We also intend on signing up for puppy training classes.

For those who want to know even more about Basenji's check out the comments on this post with a link to a blog by two Basenjis: Scootis & Squish.


wen said...

they are so cute! i can't believe you are getting two dogs! wow. i don't know much about the breed. you should tell us about it and your decision to get them!

Scootis & Squish said...

very cute... ! congratulations...!

You and the puppies should check out our ask Scootis & Squish column on serenade in green ...

cheers and yodels to all!

Emsxiety said...

Wow, those are the barkless dogs. They're from the Pharoahs right? C'mon educate us! :)