Wednesday, March 09, 2005

I'm testing out the comments with this post.

Things have changed a bit since my last post. I have a job at Northrop Grumman. I have a domestic partner duly registered with the state of California, Charlotte, and we are living together. I have a gold ring on my left hand (ack ... me ... who never wears jewelry ... now wears a ring) signifying my committment to Charlotte. I have bifocals (the kind without the telling little line -- progressives) and new glass' frames which makes me look a bit more feminine so Charlotte says. I have a PDA now which I won in a raffle and I am having a grand time using it. I didn't get season tickets to Stanford women's basketball (Pac 10 champs again!!) this year but had fun at two games thanks to Moonshadow's generosity. I have gained weight yet again and am trying to lose it yet again. I am no longer at Kaiser after 17 years of giving them my business. I have been venturing out with my new insurance and seeing new docters this winter. The only constant in my life seems to be change.

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