Thursday, February 27, 2003

Mr. Rogers died today. It has been posted just about everywhere I look on the internet. I wonder if his show will continue on in some other form. My favorite part of the show was the Magic Kingdom. If Kermit can live on, King Friday should be able to carry on!

I'm annoyed sitting here at work. I was just scolded for not posting my time properly the week of Jan 18-24 by the deadline (they claim I didn't get my time in till 1-31) and frankly I think I did post my time correctly that week. I am so anal about those things that it annoys me when people immediately jump to the conclusion that it is my fault. OK. It could be my fault. I could just have a really bad memory of what I did that week, but it would be just so unlike me to forget to do my time sheet for an entire week. Think calm thoughts Cathy ... this isn't really a big deal in the long run of your life!! Even if it was your fault, it was just a simple mistake and not something you did maliciously or carelessly to make life miserable for Raytheon! OK. I feel better now.

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