Thursday, July 18, 2002

Dang it all. I just wrote a nice description of the weird dream I had last night and it all disappeared when I tried to find the "Post" button in the Blogger site. So here goes again ...

I had one of those dreams last night that is going to make me think all day and ponder its meaning. I was in the house in Columbus, Ohio where I grew up. My college chums Andie and Kathy were visiting. They were sitting together on the front porch. I ran up to my room to get some pictures to show them. When I came back downstairs all jazzed to show them to Andie and Kathy either my Mom or my sister told me that they had migraine headaches and implied that I really shouldn't go out on the porch to disturb them. This upset me and I threw the pictures on the floor and flew back to my room and threw myself on the bed and fled my feeling by sleeping basically. My sister and Mother came up to my room to see if I was OK but I was not terribly responsive and just wanted to keep sleeping and not deal with them so they left.

The scene shifted then. I was still in bed trying to sleep and also feeling angry that I couldn't visit Kathy and Andie and yet at the same time understanding that migraines are awful and I should respect that and not try and hang out with them. But now I was in a huge mansion of sorts and there was a big family reunion going on with my parents as the stars of the reunion. People started coming to my room to try and get me to come out and join the reunion. Some came and just hung out but got bored of me so left. A niece of mine was sent in and she almost brought me out of my funk just by being cute and lovable. But I knew that they sent her in to get me to come out so I didn't come out right then. Finally I got tired of folks coming in to try and get me to come out of my room so I got up to escape.

I walked around the mansion. The first place I went was a huge room with pictures of my family all over the place. I saw a nice big one of Bob but never spotted one of me. Before I finished scanning the walls, I had to trot on as folks were finding me again and I wanted to be alone. I ended up in another room set out like a department store and hid in the aisles of the store. Then I decided I needed to go back to my room but I couldn't find the way back. Then the dream ended and I stirred in my sleep and realized it was a dream. Ug. It wasn't a real fun dream.

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