Sunday, March 31, 2002

Too bad I don't have a digital camera. I have a lovely 3 by 5 inch bruise on my right leg from a fall I took on my hike yesterday. And get this, it looks sorta like an Easter egg! He He.

I was sorta tired on the hike yesterday and my left foot slipped off the trail. I fell over with my left leg hanging and my right leg wrapped desperately around a rock after having been bruised by said rock! I started to slip off the trail which would have meant a 4 or 5 foot tumble into a gully. I managed to shift my weight enough to grab a root and not fall but my was it scary for a few seconds there. One of the fellows hiking with me, N., ran back and grabbed my arm also. I sure was shot through with adrenaline and glad to have escaped the fall with just a big bruise. I also got a smaller bruise on my left leg where it also hit the rock. Its a very colorfull set of bruises. My Easter egg bruises! I did have a good time on the hike despite the fall. The weather was marvelous. It was sunny and warm. We had a marvelous lunch stop on a big sandy mound with great views of Big Basin State park and a nice toasty sun beating down on us.

Today I had a nice short hike with my friend L. We went to see Brooks falls in a park near Pacifica (so we got to see the Pacific ocean today on the drive). It was a nice mellow 3 mile hike with only water falls not Cathy falls! Afterwards we stopped for ice cream at Baskin Robins. I had a scoop of jamoca almond fudge and a scoop of chocolate fudge ice cream. My was that tasty!

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